Storage & Handling
The pipes should be kept on a flat surface or on level ground free from stones and sharp objects.
The maximum stack should be 7 layers high under normal conditions and 6 layers high in hot condition.
Ideally a stack should contain pipes of the same diameter. If this is not possible nesting of smaller pipes inside the large pipes may be done. The large diameter pipes should always be kept at the bottom of the stack.
Direct exposure to sunlight can affect the pipes and fittings, causing decolouration and deterioration in the seal ring.
It is recommended that the pipes should not exposed to direct sunlight and kept in open for longer periods of direct sunlight, it should be covered by opaque sheets.
While storing socketed pipes, it is recommended that alternate layers should have the sockets in the opposite direction.


Responsible care should be taken while handling of pipes. During unloading from vehicles, pipes should not be dropped/mishandled from the vehicle.
Pipe should never be dragged along hard surfaces. In case of mechanical lifting, avoid using metal chains and hooks in direct contact with the pipes. It is recommended to provide protected sings and pads supports.